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Using an experienced cargo shipping company

Do you have any plan to ship your item(s) whether small or large to other countries? Choosing the right company for your shipping needs is more than just selecting a company that presents the lowest prices.
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  3. Customized Service
  4. Advice to Help You Find the Right Cargo Shipping Company

Do you have any plan to ship your item(s) whether small or large to other countries? The cargo shipping company that you choose to use matters a lot. Choosing the right company for your shipping needs is more than just selecting a company that presents the lowest prices.

Customer Service

Cargo shipping can be so confusing and intimidating especially when you are just entering the business, with the intention of sending large shipments to other countries of the world. Not to worry, an excellent customer service agent will always be available to help you customize your shipping needs, enlighten you on the shipping process and make available to you the vital tracking information. The customer service agent will also suggest to you the shipping methods that will best match your needs, and help you in other things like filling out the right forms for the country that you intend to send your items to.

The good thing about Customer service is that it can help you understand transit times and update you in the event of a delay during the cargo shipping process. There can be a delay during cargo shipping for various reasons which include import laws, customs, and other import regulations. It is therefore essential that you are well conversant with these laws before shipping your items. Good customer service should be able to keep you updated in case of any unexpected development.

Shipping Methods

An experienced cargo shipping company is one that can provide customers with the best shipping method that suits them. There are three significant ways one can ship items worldwide. The choice of the shipping method depends on the thing you are shipping and  where you are shipping to (destination). If you plan to ship an item within the same country, you can use a truck for your shipping. Truck shipping is not as expensive as other methods, but it is time-consuming. You can also do your cargo shipping by air; this is the fastest way to ship your item all over the world.

If you want to make large shipments, you can choose to ship your items by the ocean as Ocean cargo shipping is one option that is both relatively fast and cost-effective.  If you want to move household goods and other items like cars or other products which can't fit into a plane it is recommended that you ship with an ocean freight service provider. These are three practical ways to ship your items anywhere, any of these three ways will easily suit and cover all your shipping needs. It doesn't matter whether you have you have bulky items or very light items, or any item that has a specific need or specific care to get to its destination safely.

Customized Service

If you had unique items that need special care and required to be delivered within a specific time, e.g., perishable items or items that need to be refrigerated, you will look out for a shipping company that can meet up or exceeds your specification. There are shipping companies that offer refrigeration facilities in their final destination. Using experienced cargo shipping assures you that your goods will arrive safely and intact at the final destination.

Advice to Help You Find the Right Cargo Shipping Company

You just bought a new home in another country, and you want to relocate from your former house to this new home. You are getting confused with the whole thing, and you do not know the cargo shipping company to use. Probably, you heard displeasing stories of people not receiving their belongings on time, or even ships either delivered too late or too early. You need to be educated about how these works, take your decision and go for a cargo shipping company that is reliable, time tested, reasonably priced and above all, trustworthy.

There are many things you need to consider when you are selecting the cargo shipping company to move your goods worldwide.


Registration and Licensing

Find out properly registered entities and ensure that your cargo shipping company is fully registered and compliant within the cargo shipping industry. Find out about their registration and licensing. A shipping company that is reputable and professional should be able to provide their NVOCC number with the Department of Maritime commission each time required.

All functional Domestic shipping companies must be registered within their various states in which they operate. The international cargo companies may be registered with FIDI or RIM and  AMSA which are known to be a reputable cargo shipping association. Whatever the case may be, find out if they are reliable and also if they are registered with their various destination cargo shipping associations.


Cargo Loading Services

Each cargo companies has various loading services they offer, some are especially good at one or another, and some of them only focus on one service, but at the same time, they offer other services. It is important that when searching for the cargo shipping company to ship your goods, you inquire the operator on what kind of service they offer.


Warehouse Loading

They should be able to offer to warehouse and be sure they have where to keep your items before the final shipping. Your items will be packed into a container in their warehouses and they will assist you to handle the transport from there to the port and will also be able to organize pickups and drops.

  • Live Load

A container is dropped at your home or business address for a live load to pack all your belongings before the container is sealed and taken back to the port for loading on the vessel for sailing. This service is time-bound usually in a few hours, and you may not be given enough time to pack.

  • Drop and Pull

This system is more expensive but less stressful. Typically, a container is dropped at your home and you are given some days to load and pack your items into it. The shipping company will come for pick up your container at the agreed date during your booking.


Variety of Container Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the container will be determined by what you want to ship. Household goods and vehicles are often shipped with the container of 20' or 40'. If your items are perishable ones, you may need the temperature controlled containers known as reefers. If you have Items that are rare or expensive - rare furniture, paintings, or old pictures that may be damaged or affected by heat, you may call in a refrigerated reefer container which will help keep everything in perfect condition. As for personal effects, you can ship using standard containers.


Cargo Tracking Tools

Modern technology provides room for cargo tracking tools which are readily available to the customers use, to track the location of their goods during transit. You are either provided with a tracking code to track your goods, or you are sent an email update on your item's location. It is important you ask about their tracking options, and keep in mind that some cargo shipping companies charge this as an additional service while others embed it in the overall price. Ask a question regarding this.


The Overall Price

Ensure you ask for the overall price of your cargo shipment. Some cargo shipping companies offer one price for cargo shipping and will still list additional charges after that.  Always compare the total costs of the shipped item and ask them to tell you the overall fees and other hidden fees before you ship. Let them give you the breakdown of all charges, including fuel, insurance, tracking, etc., before using their service. It is vital that your shipping company ensures on-time delivery of your items or goods to the destination in the right condition and at the right price. Choose a cargo shipping company that offers reliable services that is affordable. Check all recommendations properly when comparing worldwide shipping quotes.


Industrial Standards

There are laid down industrial standards to be complied with when shipping items overseas. Ensure that you use a shipping company which adheres to the set rules and regulation stipulated by the government of the country where you are receiving your goods. Ensure that the freight forwarder you plan to use in packing, wrapping and shipping has a network of professional agent presence all around the world to handle the container when it arrives at the final destination. They should be the ones to unpack and deliver your goods to your new home, office, client. Do not overlook this process as it is a vital part of the shipping process.


Safety Records

It is vital that your cargo goes with one of the major team ship lines since they have been known in the industry and have reliable vessels and proper operating procedures. Ask your cargo shipping company to tell you the company they are going to be using to ship your goods. Find out if any of their ships has ever encountered any safety issue before.  You can get this information from the company's website. Check for the safety certification and their values as it concerns shipping your items.



Is your shipping company insured and do they provide insurance coverage on your goods? This is a question you need to get answered before hiring any shipping with any company. Although most of the insurance companies offer insurance coverage on your goods from start to the end of the shipping voyage, it is still vital to get the answer to this critical question. You need to know what will happen to your goods or item in case something goes wrong with the ship. Do find out if your items are 100% guaranteed and insured as you probably would not like to put your items to shipping risk.

Usually, most shipping companies cover a minimum insurance of $0.60 per pound. You can purchase supplementary insurance on your goods from companies such as P.A.F. Shipping Insurance and Cargo Cover. Watch out for the best insurance rates for your items and compare the several options before purchasing from any company. Your shipping cargo company may suggest you to book the insurance company it partners with.


Holding Facilities Provided

You will also need to know what happens if your goods arrive later or earlier than planned. Where will your items be and what are the likely charges? Knowing these can save you a lot of money and stress. It's important to know from the onset what you are expected to pay in case of any timing issue. If there are any chances of picking up items late, ask what the fees will be and the place or location to pick up your items.



One important aspect to look out for during cargo shipping is discounting. It reduces the overall cost of the expected payment by a certain percentage. Look out for companies that offer discounts when selecting cargo shipping companies. In most times, promotions are going on, and it is worth asking about that before you accept the initial price the company suggests.

Cargo shipping is a business like any other and there is always room for negotiations before making a deal. Negotiation is a great expression of consumer buying power, and you will end up paying lesser when you do it well. If you are not too in a hurry, you can try different times and dates of the year as different season or times of the year can also determine the prices.

Hiring the right cargo and freight forwarding company can boost your business considerably, while a wrong choice can bring undesirable effects. Follow the above mentioned guiding principle for best results!

Without regards to what your Cargo Shipping and Freight transport needs are, using an experienced cargo shipping company is vital to ensuring that your items arrive safely and on-time at their destination.

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